The Scariest Night Of My Life!!! Sleeping over at The Demonic Sallie House!!

Every adventure I’ve put myself through along this quest to prove the existence of spirits and ghosts always has given me chills. This one was no exception. After landing in Kansas City, a short half-hour drive was all that separated me from the horrible reality that awaited me. The egg breakfast I had that morning satisfied my stomach, however, my mind was scrambled from the thought of having to fight off a demon while I slept later on. After renting a mustang and driving some thirty miles to Atchison, I made my way up the massive hill that was North Second Street. Historic-looking homes lined both sides of the street as if they were watching me become the next victim to the town's premier hotspot. Even though I had watched hours and hours of footage on the place, I was still in awe of the house when I arrived. Almost immediately a car pulled up and curious spectators approached the house to take pictures and try to catch a glimpse of the house through the blinds. They would not be the last as people would try this all evening even with me inside conducting an investigation. The house oozed eeriness no matter where you stood and what view you had.

The living room of “The Sallie House”

Using the GhostTube app I've garnered some very intelligent and creepy responses at places like Waverly Hills and Missouri State Pen. Sallie was the perfect choice for this method because the responses were the most intelligent and creepiest yet. “AM I A GHOST?” Was heard as I was setting up my gear in the living area. Venturing down to the basement was downright horrifying. A pentagram on the floor and a dark hole in the wall where “Sallie” resides was just the beginning as “MATTHEW” was heard as I stood on the dark pentagram spot. Hearing this made me want to run as far away as possible but I had a job to do. Hearing footsteps upstairs prompted me to leave a voice recorder in the nursery, where an unseen force would wake up Tony and Debra Pickman's infant child almost hourly some 30 years ago. It was in this room as I sat on the bed that I captured a clear EVP saying “THE OTHER SIDE”, and at this moment a shadow was seen moving from the guest room down the hall to the bathroom. Could this be Michael Finney, the original owner of this house? Or perhaps Sallie playing with us?

Upstairs Nursery where clear EVP’s were heard

Sallie would continue to play with us as doors would creak open throughout the house and while I was setting up a night camera in the basement footsteps were very clearly heard coming up the steps towards me! This was way beyond a demon masquerading as a little girl. An old lady was said to have died falling down the steps while touring the house therefore she is reported to haunt the house. A little girl went missing from a day tour only to be found upstairs in the closet where she claimed she had met an imaginary friend named ”Sallie”. Demonic rituals were reported to have taken place in the basement making the presence of demonic entities in the home even more likely.

The Demons Hiding Spot , “The Sallie House”

The Demon herself “Sallie”

After the things I witnessed, and the voices I heard, plus the EVPs captured on camera multiple times, I have no doubt the claims are true about the Sallie house. Many spirits and a dark force that was never human have taken over and continue to haunt this historic gem in the small quiet town of Atchison, Kansas. Are ghosts real? My one mission has been to answer that question, and that doesn’t stop with the Sallie House. You can find the latest updates for my next adventures by following our Instagram @bloggersparanormal and TikTok @evpmatt66