AEW's Winter is Coming: the Rundown

'Tas a week before Christmas, and all through the arena, electricity was stirring. "Winter is coming," written on the jumbotron hoisted above the entrance ramp. AEW Dynamite and Rampage has invaded the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX. The crowds swarmed through the doors to concessions and then their seats. Ready for what was in store for the next four hours of a double feature wrestling event.

My friend's mom scored some tickets to the show. So thanks to him and his mom, my fiance and I could see our first wrestling event together. This was my first AEW show, but maybe my fifth wrestling event I've seen live. As we arrived, we were casually late; the first match had already started. We hurried to get our drinks and popcorn, then found our seats in Section 109, Row G. I was next to the railing that overlooked a possible hallway to the backstage. In the ring was 'the Hangman' Adam Page defending his championship to 'the American Dragon' Bryan Danielson. The build-up carried on for weeks prior. This back-and-forth matchup was a brilliant start to a show. I witnessed these two competitors going none stop at each other, doing whatever means necessary to walk back to the locker room with the championship. The relentless battle resulted in an unsatisfying draw as both guys could not finish the match within the timeframe. The crowd's plea chanted, "five more minutes," but the wish went ungranted as they prepared for the next event.

The night's second match ended relatively quickly when Wardlow decimated Matt Sydal. Sean Spears accompanied Wardlow with a steel chair in hand; he stood ringside as Sydal attempted to use his more petite frame to outmaneuver the powerhouse before him swiftly. With powerbomb after powerbomb, the crowd encouraged the brutal domination of Wardlow's opponent. After Sean Spears told his partner that it was enough, he couldn't help himself and served up some chair shots to the fallen Sydal.

The third chapter of the rivalry between Serena Deeb and Hikaru Shida was the follow-up. This women's grudge match began as a brawl. As Shida fought through the Professor of Professional Wrestling's continuous string of submissions, Serena Deeb grew impatient. Deeb removed a turnbuckle covering, attempted to utilize the exposed environment as a weapon. After a few close calls, Hikaru got the upper hand and turned the tables on Deeb. Deeb went face-first into the exposed turnbuckle and cradled up for the count of three. Hikaru Shida closed the chapter on the rivalry.

MJF made his way to the ring to shoot a promo about how great he is and how much better he is than CM Punk while name-dropping Ryback. Ryback once had a real tension with CM Punk before Punk left WWE. Then the Dynamite Diamond Ring match was set to begin. MJF and Dante Martin both won the battle royal the week before to compete against one another. MJF started with the upper hand as Martin crashed and burned; Martin attempted an ariel attack and failed. Martin's attempt to quicken the pace to gain an advantage brought a fight in him to get the momentum on his side. A series of reversal pins, Martin capitalized on a moment with a nosedive to MJF. Ricky Starks, a member of Team Taz, placed MJF's foot on the rope to break the pinfall. The interference resulted in a distraction that led to a victory for MJF.

When the match concluded, FTR ran out to the ring to beat up Dante Martin. Not long after, the lights went out. The crowd silenced long enough to take a breath for a loud ovation. The lights returned to Darby Allen and Sting in the ring evening the odds. MJF interrupts the heroic efforts of Allen and Sting with a low blow to Sting as FTR and MJF, the Pinnacle, takes over the beat down. With MJF hoisted on the shoulders of FTR, the crowd chants, "CM Punk." Punk marched down the ring with an equalizer in hand. Punk cleared the ring and called out a challenge for the Pinnacle. CM Punk, Sting, and Darby Allen vs. the Pinnacle next week on AEW Dynamite.

Stay tuned for this weekend as I will present AEW's Rampage, which was taped after Dynamite went off the air. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who reads this so, I will write about it in the next few days. Pardon my yelling in the following video clips, I did sort of lose my voice.